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James' Journal

12th January, 2009. 10:54 pm. Sign of the times

I wish I'd seen this before Christmas. The Comments are pretty good...

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17th December, 2008. 10:13 pm. Phat Knits!


More here.

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31st October, 2008. 10:36 am. That whole Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross mess

This is probably the most sensible thing I've read about the whole Brand/Ross/Sachs affair...


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3rd October, 2008. 10:48 pm. Debate flowchart...

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2nd October, 2008. 8:33 pm. Seems familiar...


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7th September, 2008. 8:58 pm. Palin for President!

No not that one...
this oneCollapse )

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6th September, 2008. 10:28 pm. Angels and Demons

A series of questions and answers regarding the use of antimatter in Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.


Not news but I'm impressed that CERN manage to constrain themselves enough not to include

Is Dan Brown a fuckwit?
Why yes he is.

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5th September, 2008. 11:30 pm. :-O


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2nd September, 2008. 7:23 am. Yay for evolution


also the following link was good


and this was pretty interesting too


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1st September, 2008. 3:53 pm. Separated at birth?

The cover of the Weekend section from the Guardian reminded me of something...Collapse )

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